Financing for Small
Pre-listing Renovations!

Sell your home for more by renovating pre-sale!

Powered by Fintech making it faster, safer and easier

Rates as low
as 1%

Rates from 1-1.4%, interest only, monthly.

Get up to

Borrow up to $50,000 for your pre sale renovations with Renfi-List, thereby maximizing your home's sale price!

Next Day

With our non-mortgage security, you can have the funds in your bank account the next day.

payment options

NO MONTHLY PAYMENTS UNTIL THE SALE OF YOUR HOME! With a Renfi-List loan, you have the option of deferring all payments until you sell your home!

Why choose RenFi-List?

Renfi-List provides you with fast and frictionless financing for small pre listing renovations to maximize your home’s sale price.

Sell your house faster!

Increase your sale price!

Bad credit? No problem!

Fast, easy and secure!

How it Works

Using 256 bit, bank grade encryption, enables us to keep your personal information secure and private, giving you unparalleled speed and ease throughout the application process.

1 minute application

Approval within 15 minutes

Get Funded

Renfi-List Financing offers a NO PAYMENT option

Simply just pay us back when you sell your home!


For a Renfi-List loan we require proof of intention to sell, which can be:

Reach out if you don’t have the above.  😉 

Payment Example

$10,000 loan = $148 interest only monthly payment
$20,000 loan = $298 interest only monthly payment
$30,000 loan = $445 interest only monthly payment

Disclaimer: the example above includes all fees, including lender and legal fees. Term length is 12 months. All loans are interest only payments. Renfi does not provide legal advice. Please obtain legal advice from your lawyer.

Don’t just take our word…

Here’s just a few of the things our customers are saying.

"I will always be appreciative to the quick response to resolve my financial needs. The team was very quick in solving my problem. I will recommend them to all my friends and family in need. The Renfi Team is the best!"
Charmaine L.
Fort Erie, ON

"Working with Renfi has been a pleasure! They are easy to work with, hard working and efficient."
Ben C.
Toronto, ON

"Dealing with Renfi was fast and easy their approval process is great. Their service levels exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend using Renfi."
Nimesh P.
Etobicoke, ON

"My husband and I are rather impressed with the professionalism by you and your team. The quick turnaround and the smooth transaction was much appreciated."
Vivette A.
East Garafaxa, ON

"My experience with Renfi was absolutely great! They are fast, very professional and easy to contact throughout the process. They helped me get funds for my basement renovations even after I just closed on my house."
J-ar B.
Innisfil, ON

"Working with the Renfi team was a pleasure. I highly recommend their services."
Lisa K.
North York, ON


We know our company thrives because of you. Take a look at the answers to some of the questions our users typically ask.

Renfi-List is a specialized loan for financing small home improvements for people who are looking to add value to their homes before selling.

You can borrow up to $50,000. If you are looking for more, check out our Renfi-Reno product.

Our interest rates for this product range from 1%-1.4% monthly, Interest only.

We look at multiple factors to determine the lending rate. The value of your home compared to the size of the loan, as well as your credit score and your total debt, are the primary factors we consider.

No! Renfi-List is a completely open loan. That’s right, there are NO pre-payment fees.

All Renfi-List loans have a 9 month term and are completely open, with no prepayment penalty.

Your payment options are:

  1. You can choose to fully defer all payments until the sale of your home, in which case, we will be paid back from the proceeds of the sale.


  1. Make interest-only monthly payments and receive a annual interest reduction of 1.92%

That’s a great question! No, we place a lien against the property.

When this happens, we work with our customers to help them repay the loan or refinance the
property loan.

We use a specialized software called Inverite, which provides us with instant income
verification straight from your bank. This is the same secure banking software used by
over 275 financial institutions across Canada.

Absolutely! This software only allows us to see your account activity such as deposits,
balances and purchases.

NO usernames or passwords are ever displayed or stored. Our system uses 256 bit
encryption, which is bank level security. This software provides us with a read-only copy
of your bank statement, therefore eliminating the need for you to send us bank
statements, T4’s, employment letters and pay-stubs.

Absolutely not. You log into your own bank account through your bank, and then your
bank sends us a read-only copy of your bank statement.

Still have unanswerd questions? Get in touch