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Lucas Noeller
Lucas Noeller
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Our Background

After working in consumer finance for 8 years, Izzy was having a hard time getting approved from a Tier 1 bank for a home renovation loan. That just didn’t make sense! Therefore, he decided to revolutionize the process and make it easier for home owners to get quick and secure financing for their renovations. So he teamed up with Nathan, who felt the same way, to launch Renfi –  a fully digital application and approval process for Renovation Loans.

Renfi’s Referral Program

What We Do

Fast and frictionless home Renovation loans. We provide alternative financing to homeowners who are in need of a home Renovation loan. We approve in 15 minutes and can fund in 72 hours. Fast, easy, safe and secure.

How We Do It

We utilize the latest Fintech and Open Banking Softwares to make it fast, safe, simple and secure.

Renfi’s Referral Program

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We offer interest-only payments with approvals in just 15 minutes! Making renovation loans quickly and more affordable for homeowners. This gives you, the contractor, a unique opportunity. You can offer a more premium product with peace of mind, knowing that the customer has the funds to pay.

By offering a Renfi home renovation loan, you will spend less time giving quotes that don’t materialize. Let us help you grow your business by offering our Renfi loan product to your customers.