Renfi-Debt Consolidation Loans

Pay off your existing debt quickly and easily

Combine your current debt payments into one LOWER monthly payment with RenFi Debt Consolidation Loans and save $$$!

Powered by Fintech making it faster, safer and easier

Rates as low
as 0.75%

Rates start from 0.75% monthly interest

Consolidate up
to $150,000

Free up your cash flow and save money with one lower monthly payment.


3 minute application with 15 minute approvals

Up to 24
month terms

All Renfi debt loans are fully open to repay after three months, with no penalty!

Why Take Debt Consolidation Loans?

Instead of paying super high interest rates, combine your debts into a Renfi loan and make one monthly payment and save TONS of money.

Take Control

Streamline multiple payments into a single monthly payment that’s easy to manage and pay off.

Lower Your Rate

Eliminate high-interest debt and credit card payments with a lower rate.

No Surprises

Get a fixed rate that won’t ever change. Be confident that you know how much you’re paying each month.

How it Works

Using 256 bit bank grade encryption enables us to keep your personal information secure and private in order to give you unparalleled speed and ease for the entire application process .

3 minute application

Approval within 15 minutes



To be eligible for a Renfi loan you must own your home with some equity and have income.
Monthly Payment*


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"I will always be appreciative to the quick response to resolve my financial needs. The team was very quick in solving my problem. I will recommend them to all my friends and family in need. The Renfi Team is the best!"
Charmaine L.
Fort Erie, ON

"Working with Renfi has been a pleasure! They are easy to work with, hard working and efficient."
Ben C.
Toronto, ON

"Dealing with Renfi was fast and easy their approval process is great. Their service levels exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend using Renfi."
Nimesh P.
Etobicoke, ON

"My husband and I are rather impressed with the professionalism by you and your team. The quick turnaround and the smooth transaction was much appreciated."
Vivette A.
East Garafaxa, ON

"My experience with Renfi was absolutely great! They are fast, very professional and easy to contact throughout the process. They helped me get funds for my basement renovations even after I just closed on my house."
J-ar B.
Innisfil, ON

"Working with the Renfi team was a pleasure. I highly recommend their services."
Lisa K.
North York, ON


We know our company thrives because of you. Take a look at the answers to some of the questions our users typically ask.

Debt consolidation loan by Renfi allows you to repay your existing loan, taking out one, lower cost, secured loan.

A 15 minute approved Renfi Debt consolidation loan can be taken out for as much as $150,000.

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Renfi Debt consolidation loans start as low as 0.75% monthly!

We secure Renfi Debt consolidation loan as a first or second mortgage

We look at multiple factors to determine the lending rate. The value of your home compared to the size of the loan, as well as your credit score and your total debt, are the primary factors we consider.

All Renfi Debt consolidation loan loans have a 12 month term and are open for prepayment after three months, with no pre-payment penalty.

In order to qualify for a RenFi loan, you are required to possess home ownership with a certain amount of equity and a stable income.

In Order to determine how much debt consolidation loan you should take, Take these 5 steps:-

  1. Make a list: Make a thorough list of all the invoices, loans, and obligations that you must repay, and determine the total amount owed. This can help you determine how much money you will need to borrow to combine your debts.
  2. Get an online loan estimate: Use RenFi’s online loan quotation tool to see how much you could qualify for and how much you might pay. There are no strings attached, and your credit score will not be affected.
  3. Consult with a RenFI Debt Consolidation Loan Specialist: Once you receive your quote, a Lending Specialist will contact you by phone. They will inquire about your debt repayment objectives to identify the most suitable loan consolidation choices for you.
  4. Choose a payment schedule: RenFi Lending Professional will assist you in determining whether you want to make payments monthly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly.
  5. Complete your application online or in person and consolidate your debt as soon as possible: If you submit your application, you may receive your loan the within 72 hours. Pay down your liabilities with your consolidation loan and enjoy the benefits of a streamlined debt repayment plan.

RenFi’s debt consolidation loan, which is a secured home equity loan, may be the best borrowing choice for people who own a property. When opposed to an unsecured personal loan, you can acquire a larger quantity of dollars with this loan. This is especially useful if you need to combine huge amounts of high-interest credit card or loan debt. Moreover, secured loans have lower interest rates and loan installments.

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